Building Haiku: ok, so what did I just do?

Hey guys,

I just finished cross compiling Haiku according to some nice instructions I found on the archlinux wiki (which, in turn, were taken for the most part from here). each step completed without a hitch, and I finally issued this command:

$ jam -q @alpha-anyboot

it too finished without a hitch. Now all I see that looks like a bootable image is haiku-boot-cd.iso and haiku-boot-floppy.image. both are way too small and don’t work.

So where did I go wrong? did I specify the wrong target for jam? If I did build a working image, where did it go?

Thanks for your help. I’ll get this eventually…

(I mailed this to the mailing list and got a vacation message in German)

You should give the size for haiku-boot-cd.iso

jam -q @alpha-anyboot

This should have created an alpha.image file.

End users are better off not building Haiku. This is more for developers. Much easier and less issues if you use a nightly image and do a merge (or clean) install.