Build with incomplete language files from Pootle

I’m working on the Norwegian translation of Haiku on Pootle. The translation progress is only around 50%. Is there a way to build Haiku with the incomplete language files so I can test them locally? I do have the source code from Github and can compile nightly builds under Ubuntu.

Sorry if this makes little sense, I’m unsure how and when translations are incorporated in the nightly builds.

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All languages at Pootle get synced every Saturday. So if you build from source, you’ll get up-to-date translations when fetching changes from the repo after that.

Good initiative ! Eller bra inititativ som jeg ville sagt.

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That doesn’t seem to be the case for Norwegian, I don’t see it in the data/catalogs directory. I think all languages which are below 60% complete are excluded from the export? And I don’t know if there is a way to export them otherwise.

So I guess we have to ask @nielx to enable the language in the Pootle export?

And indeed, thanks for working on this, I’m happy to see our language coverage increased :slight_smile:

Really? I thought that was only the case for releases… If true, we should see if we can change that. The nightly should reflect all ongoing development, including translations. (Within reason. I see why we don’t have the userguide translations updated weekly…)

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Well I checked only Norwegian and Korean, and I can’t see any catkeys files for either in the Git repository.

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Paging Dr. @nielx
I didn’t find anything related to what languages get exported at the Pootle site. I assume it’s in some script in the backend? Can we add all languages for the nightly builds? How can we avoid including <60% finished translations in official releases?

Morning. The languages that are synced are manually selected. This list is usually reviewed close to a release cycle. Last time, Norwegian did not make it.

Happy to add nb to the list if the momentum is there that it will hit the 60%.

I personally am against adding all languages in nightly, since there is a cost and overhead to doing it, and also most of the languages that do not make the threshold are unmaintained. Better solution would be to provide nightly language builds, but I vowed to not touch the translation infrastructure until after R1.

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Fair enough. @johan is a very busy bee and I’m sure he’ll keep at it to meet the 60% cut-off for the next release easily.

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Thanks @nielx , that would be great. I’ll do my best to help get the nb translations above 60%, at least.

I have added ‘nb’ to the export targets, so it will included in the export next week Saturday.


Excellent. I’m looking forward to testing and fine-tuning the translations. BTW, we just reached 60% :confetti_ball: