Build failure: WebWindow.h

I’m still pretty new at building the code, so I could be doing something wrong. I’m getting the following error building the Haiku source I just pulled down today (11/19/23):

src/apps/webpositive/BrowserWindows.h : 32 : 10 : fatal error: WebWindow.h : No such file or directory
32 | #include “WebWindow.h”

Anyone else seeing this?


The build system should’ve automatically downloaded the haikuwebkit package and you should find a haikuwebkit-1.9.6-1-x86_64 folder in the build_packages folder. It contains the needed headers.
Works here…

I do have that folder, but it is currently empty. I see an error: Invalid package file: Total size in header (39993958) doesn’t agree with total file size (6160968)

Deleting this hpkg file caused the build to download it again. This has corrected the problem.

Thanks for information.


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