Bug tracker improvements

Hi, Haiku team.

I’m the development team leader of “BUGS” (the bug genie), which is the bug tracker I’ve noticed you use. I’ve read a few complaints about the bug tracker, and seen some bug “reports” in these forums about how it works.

Is there anything we can do to help the admin team with the bug tracker? Any improvements you guys want?

Let me/us know, by posting here, or sending me an email.


Daniel André Eikeland
Project leader, "BUGS - The Bug Genie"

Err, no offence, but its a really, really bad product

The whole having to register your entire PC, and the entire concept of not being able to report a bug unless the section of the OS at fault is listed as a ‘product’ are the two biggest failings. TBH, I’d even prefer Bugzilla, with its total lack of user friendliness and a 1980’s style GUI, because it works.

I’m sorry you feel that way. Like I said above, it’s the feedback we get which will help us improve on our product.

BUGS, by default requires pc registration, but that is just because it is the default setting. The administrator can change that setting so you won’t even see the pc registration features. It’s just two drop-down boxes that can be changed from the admin interface. But if the admin has set it up so it requires pc registration, then that is a decision from the admin team.

I can see that the “Product” concept is confusing, but that is just because we use different naming. With BUGS 1.7, you can just change that name to whatever fits best …

At least with the version we’re using, there’s a problem with the computer registration too. Maybe you know what’s up with it?


Yes, there is a bug in line 126 in include/mypcs.inc.php,

the line should look like this:

if ((($step == 4) || ($addPC == "truly")) && ($_REQUEST['editpc'] == ""))

Let me know if this does not help. This is the fix we provided to the other users, though, with success.

By the way, I notice some people complain about the 404 errors with the help files. Just a notice, BUGS doesn’t include sample help files - all these must be edited via the admin menu. Until then, they don’t exist :wink:

sweet, hey zegenie
I’ll try to fix that file when I get home… stuck in the lab at the university for a while today…

I know there were a few features some of the admin team were interested in, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

It’s great to have you here though =)

Well, I’m constantly looking for input on how to improve our product.

The whole reason it got this “far” in the first place is because of feedback from our users. So, if you want to tell me, when you remember those features, just let me know :wink:

Well, it appears we’re still running an elderly version of the program, but as soon as the sourceforge servers come back up, I’ll try to do the upgrade…

Yes, it seems you are running version 1.4 - but the bug still existed in 1.6, as far as I know.

Hi Zegenie,

One of the problems I had was that we are team based and then we have Apps under the Teams.

We needed like a 2nd level category rather than just 1.

That was my only gripe with it, but I didn’t get very far using it.

So have we upgraded yet? What’s going on?


The website shows you are still using version 1.4