Bug auto reporter for beginner?

bug auto reporter for beginner?
I just noticed a dialog box named “bug auto reporter for beginner”(or just similar thing) when i lauch depot first.
or i confused?
if true, does it mean more help for haiku with more user (just beginner)?

PS. i do pkgman add the current port before.

I think you are mistaken. That dialog on initial launch asks permission to send anonymized data of the usage of the HaikuDepot application. IIRC, that’s currently only which software package you’ve been viewing for some amount of time to update the “view counter” of that package.

It would help, however, if more people created an account in the HaikuDepot app and rate and comment the software they try out or use. That helps new users to find the best and most popular applications.

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mm, my mistake.
:grinning:but, is it necessary about bug auto reporter?

Not necessary.

That dialog should be removed, it is an annoyance and not necessary.

BeOS, and therefore Haiku, was about sane defaults. The sane default is to disable permissions, do not ask about it but allow the user to activate it in preferences.


Haiku does not have a auto reporter fpr bugs

Just register on https://dev.haiku-os.org and report there

Tutorial: Report system or program error - BeSly Haiku only