BStringView background color (SetLowColor)?

Trying to figure out how to set the background color on a BStringView object. I attempted to use the SetLowColor method, but doesn’t work. Is it even possible to set the background color on a BStringView?

Actually, I think I may have found a solution… I just added a BView object with my desired background color and then added BStringView object as a child to it and it works. If that seems like an okay way to do it then great, if anyone has a better approach, let me know.

BStringView will set itself to use the view color of its parent as the background color (this happens in its AttachedToWindow method). If you want to change the background color, you can do so by calling SetViewColor on its parent, before adding the StringView there, or you can do it on the StringView itself only, at a later point (for example in BWindow::AllAttached).

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