BSnow messing up the desktop


I’m trying Haiku with VirtualBox, it’s working great, except I’ve started BSnow, and since then even after a reboot there are still artefact from it when I right click a menu : the menu remains, and I can see the snow on it (otherwise there is no snow falling on the desktop).
I can’t see a way to kill the process.

It’s not possible to remove the bsnow application by clinking on the dedicated text, as explained there:


I’ve had this problem as well. To overcome it I just remove the BSnow application and reboot. That way it can’t be started again and I’m able to actually work with that Haiku install again.

I’d say it’s a bug indeed though.


The removal bug has been fixed already, it was actually in libbe, not BSnow :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll be working on the drawing issue, but could you submit a bug in trac instead ? or check if there is one already.

thank you for the clever tips :slight_smile:
I’ve d/l again the image and played with this one instead, but I wanted to know if there was a better way to track a software activity.