Browsing Haiku source is very slow

I tried to setup a new development machine and I checked out the source. But browsing it is very slow due to a git process. The process starts after every (re)compile or viewing a new tracked folder and takes about 1-2 minutes to complete.

Any ideas why?


My wild guess would be that you have something in your .zprofile that runs git commands when you change directory in Terminal (probably to show current branch) or something like that. On default bash this certainly doesn’t happen.

Thanks, you’re probably right. Ill look into it.

Yes, your bash prompt shows some git info. Showing the current branch is ok, but “git status” on Haiku is rather slow (possibly due to the lack of hardlinks which git can use to make things faster?). So you’ll have to disable that part of the prompt and run “git status” manually when you need to know about modified/untracker files.