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Hello Haiku community!

I just got Haiku and I need help with the Falkon browser. Every time I open up a website like You(tube) or Discord it either gets really slow or straight up crashes; Anybody got a way to fix this?

(I use a studio 1749 by the way.)

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Is the issue only on Falkon or also on other browsers (dooble, otter), I recommend Dooble over Falkon if you don’t like crashes because Falkon does that alot on modern websites. Also try out playing youtube videos through VLC (also good way to avoid youtube’s bullshit)

Just checked the hardware and I have to tell you, Haiku ain’t going to perform better compared to Vista. If you want to watch Youtube I would use an indivious instance and get it through VLC. Your laptop is way to under powered to decode a 1080p 720p video on an OS like Haiku along side the clunky Youtube website

Falkon is prone to crash. Hope in the future the port will be more stable. To see Youtube videos, another option available in HaikuDepot is QMPlay2.


I would be interested how you can use
VLC to open youtube videos.

Primarily I would suggest VLC to watch videos, but not on Haiku

As for me VLC on Haiku R1B4 32bit/ now 64bit
never did, just when the ported version contained the appropriate youtube.luac file and just till then YT changed something and this was not followed by the actual VLC package.

On any Windows I would replace the youtube.luac file to the latest and then case closed.

Here - on Haiku - unfortunately the all directories packed into the read-only place in the package.
Unfortunately the directory of all .lua script files those enables to plays video sites in VLC - also.

I use QMPlay2 to play youtube videos, if I don’t mind to sharpen the video.
Unfortunately in QMPlay2 this videofilter possibilities does not do anything - they do not work.
If so , I download the videos and open the files.

Then I can even watch them in VLC, where sharpening works - sometimes needed on low res. videos to sharpening them slightly to not make my eyes more wrong as they are now :(…

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Sounds good, but is there a way I can use discord too?

Discord is the main thing I need because my friends usually contact me there.

I know there’s purple discord but can it do voice calls? Just askin’

The functionality of microphones on discord (so in the browser) are lack luster, voicecalling likely won’t work. If you really- really want to use discord I wouldn’t recommend solely using Haiku but just dualboot. If you’re open to use discord alternatives like matrix, tryout nheko on haiku.

I don’t know for Discord specifically,since I don’t use it and I really really really don’t recommend to use it,but generally,microphones should work on Haiku just fine.
There are other applications,like Telegram,which also have call functionality and I’m quite sure that it works.
If the microphone doesn’t work in one browser,try another one,maybe even with another engine and see if it works there.
We have four big browser engines available: HaikuWebKit (WebPositive), WebKitGTK (GNOME Web/Epiphany and some others), QtWebKit (Otter Browser and some others) and QtWebEngine/Chromium (Falkon and some others).
Maybe also try starting a Jitsi conference or something like that to see if it only doesn’t work in Discord or also at other websites.
Note for Jitsi that the camera will definitely not work on Haiku since we don’t have USB webcam drivers for anything remotely up-to-date,but the microphone should work.
Edit: Forgot to mention WebKitGTK,which is probably the most likely to work after QtWebEngine.

I’m quite confused why you link something about discord, but then go around to telegram? It’s effectively closed source (even though they sometimes release source code months later), they lie about their secutiry, are entirely cloud based non-end to end encrypted. They don’t really fare much better. Maybe they are not as on the nose though.

I also don’t use Telegram and don’t recommend it either.
But we have the official Qt-based open-source client in the HaikuDepot and I’m pretty sure that I’ve read somewhere in the forum that calling works with it.
I only wanted to highlight how microphone support and calling can work on Haiku by giving Telegram as example.
That said,it’s way less suspicious compared to Discord which is just spyware and nothing less.
Both don’t have E2EE by default,but Telegram at least offers it as an option,and both require your phone number,but Telegram directly from the start and Discord locks you out later when you already have your contacts there which you don’t want to lose.

I think a service that actively lies about it’s security is way worse than one that doesn’t pretend it is. Discord “atleast” does not lie and pretend their service is secure.

Let’s try to stay on topic? :wink:

Right you are :slight_smile:

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