Broadcom Wifi Instructions?

Good morning,

I am running Haiku on an older Win8 era Dell laptop, with the BCM43142 wireless chip.

Can someone please point me to a tutorial to help me get this up and running?

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Does not seem to be supported: #17312 (NOWIFI on ASUS Laptop) – Haiku


Buy a cheap supported USB wifi dongle. Use the search function in the top right corner to look or user reports about working and supported hw.


I’ll be okay with ethernet then. It’s an older Dell laptop, without a battery, so it isn’t portable anyway, and wifi would have been nice, but not entirely necessary.

Using Broadcom wireless lan (wlan) cards on anything other than Windows has always been a bit thorny afaik.

Even on recent Linux distributions (and probably the *BSD family as well) it is necessary to actually have BOTH the proprietary firmware and a suitable driver package. And that’s an improvement given that you used to have use ndiswrapper along with the Windows driver…

See the linked page on Ubuntu’s help wiki for the details of getting it working under Ubuntu…

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I have a Dell Latitude E1505 from 2005 that boots x86 and everything works except for the bcm4311 wlan. Hmmm. 17 years old and it’s still proprietary? I understand that you can’t redistribute things without a license but then how does Linux get around this issue? Perhaps we can have drivers that load the binary module the way that Linux does.

Edit: I think this thread answers this:

I myself am probably going to use a small Wi-Fi dongle for my MacBook with broadcom 4331. However, I do want to try and figure the onboard Wi-Fi out, and the usb Wi-Fi is a temporary solution for anyone. I think an important goal would be expanding hardware support, because the current hardware supported is quite limited.

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