Bootman? Haiku partition not bootable?


Ive just installed the latest nightly (booted from CD, and then used theinstall option) to install a fresh copy of Haiku onto my old macbook (which i am typing this on now), pretty impressed. Video, mouse, wifi, everything works out of the box, except for sound. (will look at that later)

thing is, i cant boot it unless i have the CD in the drive and then hit space to select the boot partition. Why doesnt the installer make the partition bootable?

I used to be able to solve this using “Bootman” , but it looks like that app isnt there anymore…

any way i can make my Haiku partition bootable? (i dont wanna use grub or any of those other boot loaders, this is a Haiku ONLY lappy! :smiley: )

Thx for any help…


Try to do makebootabke over the terminal on the hdd/partition. Is do able over the installer too, iirc.


It is renamed. /boot/system/apps/BootManager


You might just get away with “writembr”!, so just open a teminal and type writembr and then reboot, if that doesn’t work launch Bootmanager, as miqlas said bootman is now called Bootmanager.


Both available from Installer’s Tools menu, btw.


So, 3 tools suggested and no way to know which one is right…

  • You use a Macbook, so I assume you installed using the UEFI image. In that case, you need to manually install the bootloader to your UEFI partition.
  • Makebootable is never needed, unless you use dd to copy the raw image to a partition. In most cases it should not be suggested to users.
  • If booting using an MBR (from BIOS), you need two things: the Haiku partition must be “active” in the partition table (there is a checkbox for that when creating the partition), and you need a valid MBR that will locate and boot the active partition (this is what writembr does). If you create the partition table using DriveSetup, we already put an MBR there, but if you reused an existing partition table, we don’t know what was there, and Installer won’t overwrite it (it could be your GRUB or whatever you use to boot other OS).
  • If you did not make your partition active, you can still boot it using bootman, which is installable from Installer menu or by running BootManager directly.


Thx guys, I’ll action this as soon as I get home from school. Love the quick responses. Thank you .

PS… very impressed with how complete things look and feel. AWESOME!! :slight_smile:


Fixed it, took a while, but got there in the end. For whatever reason, i couldent set the partition active, so i had re-partition the drive as free space, then create a new BE partition and set that active. Which still didnt auto boot from my Macbook. So i had to install Bootman in the end. No biggie.

now i gotta sort a sound driver…

cheers and thx for the help guys, really appreciated it.