Bootloader not finding installation partition

For some reason I’ve not been able to boot on my desktop recently, but I can’t recall if that was before or after I installed an NVME and cloned over to it. Either way, always had some issues booting off usb on there so figured I’d try my laptop. It’s a n HP Spectre X360, and only has one full size USB port which I believe is USB 3.

After disabling secure boot I managed to get the UEFI bootloader to run, but I can’t boot the installation partition - the boot loader lists all safe mode options etc. but does not find the system volume for booting, it simply says “none”. I’ve tried the few bios options that are available to no avail - just curious if anyone else has seen something like this?

Not expecting a fix for this particular system, but it’s odd behavior.

So I just read this other recent thread from @fkap: Haiku x64 (latest nightly) does not boot after memory upgrade

And it sounds like he’s seen the same behavior, but was ok because he already had Haiku installed on his machine. May be a new bug in the UEFI code then? Can create a ticket if that is the case.

Poked around some more - downloaded the Beta 2 release, and it booted off the USB drive no problem and fired up the installer. I unmounted and formatted my old partition on my NVME, installed to that, and now I can’t boot that partition or from the USB drive. Turning on debug output makes no difference, I just see the icons (none lit) and then it reboots on me.

It can see the installed partition but can’t boot that either. Weirdly it lists no less than 4 bootable images but none of them work!

I’ll keep playing with the settings because there’s clearly some piece of this puzzle that I’m missing. Just posting here for posterity on the off chance that it may be of use to others down the line.

Do you have more then one hdd in your computer?

I need to switch in bios to the haiku hdd as first drive before the bootloader can boot haiku from it.

Sorry if you are an expierience be User, but have you initialized the be filesystem to the target partition?

I know that’s not what says the release note but digging in this forum you’ll find out that prior to May 2020 NVMe driver was known to occasionally corrupt disks. So be careful, using beta2, it was released before that.
If you’re booting off UEFI, check here that you didn’t forget something.
You may want to try different versions of the EFI bootloader (BOOTX64.EFI). Unfortunately, you will have to extract them from EFI folder of nightlies isos.

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Thanks for the heads up on the NVME issue! I’ll be sure to avoid touching that for now. I’ve got recent nightly, only went back to beta 2 to see if I’d have any more luck booting it after the weirdness I’ve been seeing this week.

Yeah I did :slight_smile: I’ve still got BeOS R5 running on an old machine here. Didn’t know about the first drive part though, I’ve got 3 disks in this machine, the NVME is the first but that was failing to boot so I tried a SATA SSD. Will play around some more!

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