Haiku does not boot on the following system. It gets all way to the end and then goes to black screen instead of the desktop. If I had to guess I think that something really is running because I get HD acctivity if I remove or insert a Cd or Usb drive. Any suggestions?

Intel Atom 1.6ghz dual core motherboard
512mb DDR2 Memory (Trust me this is enough to get started)
160gb 3.5" s-ata hard disk.
1 x PCI slot for NVidia 5200 PCI 3D card

Can you provide which motherboard you have and if it has an on-board Video card? You might want to try VESA mode, I think some intel video cards are giving trouble with the intel driver. and select “Use fail-safe video mode” under “Select safe mode options”.

It does have on-board VESA. I will try the safe mode as soon as I get home from work.

Most likely you have an on-board intel card that is being used incorrectly by the intel driver. Once you have it booted, perform the following:

I also see this on my Atom machine which has the GMA950 & 945GC chipset. I am not sure about the exact model number of the motherboard. After booting in video safe mode and removing the “intel_extreme” link in /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/graphics/ it does boot normally.

After that, you should be able to boot normally and automatically use Rudolf’s NVidia driver (which is included in Haiku). I hope. Let us know :wink:

the video is an intel chip (950) I do believe. Does that change anything you have just told me?

More like confirms it (see the mail in my above post) :). Give it a whirl and let us know.

That was it. Thanks!! My first post from Haiku!!!