Booting off SATA

Hi all,
I played with the Haiku r1 alpha 1 in qemu and now wanted to install it on my physical machine. I did this using qemu with -hda /dev/physicaldrive and everything worked fine so far. Now, when I try to boot the installed system, I get the first three icons lighting up and then nothing more happens. Is the meaning of the icons explained somewhere or can I see otherwise what the problem is?

System: Asus M3N78-EM mainboard; AMD Phenom 4x core @ 2.3GHz; 8GB RAM; HitachiHDT721010SLA360 1TB SATA drive (AHCI mode); 48GB BeOS filesystem on first partition table entry; Asus EAH3450 gfx (Radeon RV620 chipset); + Adaptec 29xx SCSI adapter in PCI slot.

Edit: I now booted with debug output enabled. The last line before the booting process hangs reads:

usb ehci -1: claiming ownership of the host controller

The lines before did the same for the ohci controller. The board has 4 usb controllers, 2 ohci and 2 ehci. It looks like I’m running into a bug with ehci?!