Booting Haiku with EDK2 (RISC-V)

I installed haiku to the nvme disk。When boot this os with edk2,it got stuck。
These are the last few lines when it appears to be stuck


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Not sure how to help you, but I added RISC-V to title to make it clearer to those who can.

What a hardware you got ? For Exapmle in vision five 2 is uboot without EDK2

sifive hifive unmatched motherboard,UEFI EDK2

I have not tried RISC-V Haiku, but I’ve searched the forum a bit.

It seems no one tested EDK2+UEFI setup with real hardware successfully. X512 uses uboot on real hardware, uses EDK2 only with VMs(TinyVM, Qemu).

IIRC, the HiFive Unmatched motherboard is quite a massive high-end motherboard! It should be much beefier than the one x512 is using for RISC-V development. Haiku should fly on it if it ever gets debugged.

Actually its not. Its was quite overpriced when compared to the VisionFive 2. Yeah its got 16 GB RAM and a PCIe slot but the CPU is pretty weedy. It’s more comparabe to an RPi than an i3-i9 or a Ryzen, CPU wise.

The CPU may not be the culprit but its sad that the HiFive unmatched was so easily…er…matched. Maybe under Haiku, @kallisti5 will have better results.

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X512 and I both have one (funded by Haiku, Inc). Haiku runs but it isn’t very stable yet. My plan is eventually mine will be a builder for HaikuPorts riscv64.


Things are looking up these last 24 hours :laughing:

  • X512 provided a great set of build-packages for riscv64
  • I’ve massaged them into our build infrastructure
  • haiku riscv64 now builds a nightly image profile instead of only the “minimal” profile :partying_face:
  • I’ve cobbled together a haikuports repo from it as well. Keep in mind that these are all built by @X512 and might be unstable.


  • We’re missing stable python 3 packages on riscv64 (required to run haikuporter)… i’m attempting some manual compiling of python to get it going.
    • We have some “unstable” python3/python2 packages, but they all do weird things like not support tar files, etc. (things needed for haikuporter)
  • Once we get a stable python3 package, we should be able to start doing some initial builds (and rebuilds) of critical packages.