Booth at Opensource events

I was at CLT2023 · Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2023 this weekend (great event btw.) but haiku had no presence, unlike reactos or the bsds.

I could help next year or maybe at other events in germany, if there is interest.

Greetings to all haiku users


Yes, help is welcome :slight_smile:
We do run a booth at Capitole du Libre, JDLL (both in France) and FOSDEM (belgium, if they accept us).
But we should definitely expand that :slight_smile:


I would like to do a haiku booth at chemnitzer linuxtage, but would need 1 or 2 people willing to help, anyone interested?

CLT2024 · Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2024 March 16/17


I’m not available at these dates :frowning:

but I can ship you (unofficial) stickers and DVDs (of the beta1 version from 2018). I think @mmu_man can lend you the table runner so you can have a nice table with the Haiku logo.

Thanks, but you need at least 2 better 3 persons for a booth, and ideally someone who knows more haiku than me (in case people ask questions) :wink:

There is a social event with very nice dinner usually

My German is quite rusted, otherwise I’d gladly go for a change.
You may want to ask on IRC or the mailing list, maybe others would be interested.

Thanks, english works too, it really is a nice event

unfortunately too far away from Hamburg

Only slightly more than from Tübingen / Stuttgart

I would register a booth at CLT, Helpers VERY welcome.

@haikumarketing, do you have suggestions for the Text describing the project?

We have a booth in Chemnitz ( now we just need some people)

I will be at there with my brother, so there are still 2 more places available, if someone would like to join
(Ideally someone who knows more about Haiku than i do ) :wink: till 28 of February.

A Poster will be printed, up to 300 words, or less with images are needed.

Maybe someone can come up with some suggestions, also till 28th of february



Do we have some Stickers, CD/DVDs (of b4) T-shirts, mugs?

Any chance beta 5 is ready till mid march? (Or R1 :wink: )

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Most people can speak english

Thanks for your help with this!

I can send you stickers and beta1 DVDs (we don’t have anything newer than beta1). Let me know how much (if you have an idea, otherwise I make my own guess) and where to ship them.

For T-Shirts and mugs I think you have to work with the Haiku promotion team and FreeWear, I have no idea what the logistics would be.

Thank you, but i do not think beta1 represents haiku well, maybe i will have some produced, do you think should i go for beta4 or nightly? I think beta5 will not be ready for mid march, unfortunatly.

The Linuxtage Orga will print a poster, with up to 300 words, or less if pictures are included. I am open to suggestions for Text an pictures.

Whos is the Haiku Promotion Team and how can i contact them?

If someone has a RiscV Haiku System for presentation that would be great, i think, if not i have some Thinkpads i can use.


@jt15s was involved previously in the marketing team, not sure who else. Also see here Haiku Marketing

Hi there,

As Munchausen said, I helped out with some promotional efforts in the past and also set up the Haiku Freewear store.

Regarding the poster, we do have some past posters available in this GitHub repository - you could either reuse these if they match the sizes you need or just copy the text:

As for t-shirts and mugs, Freewear offer a service where they send merchandise to FOSS events - they ask you to contact them for details:

In terms of logistics, they’re based in Spain, so shipping should be alright if everything is arranged in advance - as I write this there’s roughly about a month before the event starts so would be good if we can get this arranged pretty soon. I think it would be better if you contacted them directly as it’ll be easier to arrange logistics etc. - you can email them at or you can call them using the numbers on this page: Open Source T-shirts |

I’ll let them know to expect to be contacted regarding this event.

Edit: for reference, here are the merchandise items currently sold on Freewear - we have a mug, several varieties of t-shirts and a cap among other things. Please disregard the 20th anniversary t-shirts, I’ll ask for those to be removed from sale. Haiku merchandise |

Edit 2: Freewear has just responded, they prefer being contacted by email so please email them at as mentioned above.


Thanks for the freewear info

tombhadAC and his wife will be there, so all places are filled

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I don’t think we should distribute nightly builds.

No one is going to install Haiku from a DVD anyways, so it doesn’t really matter what’s on it. We distribute them more as some kind of “fl%er”, there is info on the dvd sleeve about what is haiku and where to download it. This info could also be reformatted into a flyer, but for now, I’m just trying to get rid of the 200 or so DVDs I have at home. I will certainly print less of them next time.


Do you need permission from the Inc to use the logo for example for thumb drives? How does that work?

I’ve checked in some online stores and found offers for about 3€ for a branded 16GB usb 3.0 thumdrive.

That would satisfy the “recomended” system requirements of Haiku, we could hand those as a live system to try out.

Does the Inc also have a marketing budget that can be requested for that purpose?

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