Booth at Opensource events

I was at CLT2023 · Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2023 this weekend (great event btw.) but haiku had no presence, unlike reactos or the bsds.

I could help next year or maybe at other events in germany, if there is interest.

Greetings to all haiku users


Yes, help is welcome :slight_smile:
We do run a booth at Capitole du Libre, JDLL (both in France) and FOSDEM (belgium, if they accept us).
But we should definitely expand that :slight_smile:


I would like to do a haiku booth at chemnitzer linuxtage, but would need 1 or 2 people willing to help, anyone interested?

CLT2024 · Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2024 March 16/17


I’m not available at these dates :frowning:

but I can ship you (unofficial) stickers and DVDs (of the beta1 version from 2018). I think @mmu_man can lend you the table runner so you can have a nice table with the Haiku logo.

Thanks, but you need at least 2 better 3 persons for a booth, and ideally someone who knows more haiku than me (in case people ask questions) :wink:

There is a social event with very nice dinner usually

My German is quite rusted, otherwise I’d gladly go for a change.
You may want to ask on IRC or the mailing list, maybe others would be interested.

Thanks, english works too, it really is a nice event

unfortunately too far away from Hamburg

Only slightly more than from Tübingen / Stuttgart

I would register a booth at CLT, Helpers VERY welcome.

@haikumarketing, do you have suggestions for the Text describing the project?