Bootable USB

I am having a similar issue that I talked about here:
But on USB

I am trying to create a bootable Haiku USB drive. I initialize it, partition it, format it, install. But I keep running into the No active partition issue. I have tried redoing it a number of times. I am absolutely positive beyond any doubt that I marked the partition as active. I even used the “Tools” in the installer to write the boot sector to the Haiku partition. But it still will not boot. The installer never gives me an error and as far as it is concerned everything is just fine.


I use a 2gb stick that I installed haiku to from a vm.

I have had similar issues in the past, depending on the usb stick I used. Some require one to install to an un-partitioned, no partition table usb stick and some need an intel partition table. Some need the partition table and a partition. It all depends on the thumbdrive. There is probably some internal magic going on inside.

That would be my luck. I am going to give it an other shot when I get home tonight.

I also like to boot from USB drives but I use a different method. Because I am lazy and I like to burn CD-ROMS that I use only once, My method is as follows:

  1. download new nightly ISO
  2. unzip ISO
  3. burn ISO to CD-ROM (using Windows 7 trick
  5. or Nero or something else) 4) insert USB drive into computer 5) boot from CD 6) select New Install 7) delete any partitions and reformat USB drive as BFS 8) install Haiku 9) boot to Haiku 10) enjoy!

    I use ‘dd’ in Linux to transfer the ‘image’ to a pendrive, unless there is something wrong with the Haiku ‘image’, it works every time.

    After initializing the disk, it pays to reboot before doing anything else. Haiku has a habit of getting the disk systems confused (invalid cached data). This may also happen after partitioning too. So if you’re having trouble after partitioning, then reboot prior to making other changes as well.