Boot problem on Acer Aspire 5102

Hello everyone! Few days ago I created Live CD and USB stick with Haiku. They both work fine on my PC. I was satisfied with the OS and decided to install it on my laptop. And there I have some problems. Booting from Live CD freezes after showing the red rocket on the logo-screen: the screen becomes black and nothing else happens after that. With the USB stick the situation is more interesting: it doesn’t work at all. Boot process freezes at the begining. So, I can’t see even the logo-screen. Please, give some advices what to do.

Configuration of my laptop:

  1. CPU: AMD Turion 64-bit 2.2 GHz
  2. RAM: 1.5 GB DDR2
  3. VIDEO: ATI Radeon Xpress 1100
  4. HDD: SATA 160 GB.

This could be totally wrong because I am a Haiku newbie, but as far as I know Haiku does not yet support AMD chips, only Intel’s.

Hope you get your problem fixed. Good luck.

Haiku boots with VESA mode for graphics during the boot screen. At the rocket it switches to native graphics driver if it exists. There is radeon driver which could be causing the freeze.

Try safe-mode options (while booting, hold SHIFT down or keep pressing SPACEBAR).

Select use fail-safe video mode (VESA) + select a fail-safe graphics mode (ie: 1024x768x32). See if that boots. If not, try other safe mode options to see which will get you to boot.

PS Haiku works with AMD CPUs.

I’m also sort of a newbie, but from everything I’ve been reading and looking around at, the R1/Alpha 2 release seems to be only for x86 (32 bit). That’s what it says on the Get Haiku page on the right-hand side:

Were you using nightly builds instead? Was your PC 32 bit? Maybe that’s what the problem is. It’s just a thought…

AMD Turion is 64-bit x86. A 64-bit CPU can run either 64 or 32-bit OS. A 32-bit CPU can only run a 32-bit OS.

Haiku currently is 32-bit OS which should run on all x86 (Pentium/i586 or better) 32 & 64-bit CPUs.