Boot problem,1024x600 and Wifi password remember


i am a new Haiku user, i used a eeepc 1003Hag the system works great but i have tree problems:

1: On boot the system freeze on the last icon of the bootscreen, my only possiblity to boot is video-safe mode. So my problem ist i must be set on every start and i going crazy! :slight_smile:

2: How to set 1024x600 resolution on my eeepc pc?

3: Wifi works perfect but i dont can save the password of my wifi and i must be login on every boot!

I hope in help!

P.S Sorry for my english!

Many thanks Fabio

Automatically connecting to a wireless network

To make your system connect to a given SSID at each boot automatically, you can specify your wireless networks and passwords in /boot/common/settings/network/wireless_networks with the following format:

network wifitopia {
password mypassword

Sometimes (at least for me and for some other users) this solution doesnโ€™t work. Another simple way is to use a simple script like this:

ifconfig /dev/net/atheroswifi/0 join MYNET MYPASS

Replace atheroswifi with the name of wifi card (the full name can be displayed in Deskbar Menu > Preferences > Network)
MYNET is the name of SSID and MYPASS, obviously, the password.

Then, this script can be added to /boot/home/config/boot/launch to have auto join at startup.

This works for me! Many thanks!

1 question Moore i habe try to install Form USB stick to HD (SSD) but i dont can Format the intern HD why tel me is was whrite protected. Can you hell me?

Many thanks