Boot issues

I am finally getting around to testing Haiku on real hardware (AMD 3300x, 16GB, nvidia 1650 super, etc).
I am using the B3-TC2 ISO and a couple times it has booted to the installer and live desktop correctly. Most of the time, however, it fails at the Haiku icons. When this happens:

  • None of the icons light up
  • Safe mode does not help much (1/10 times I got it to boot)
  • Video fallback and disabling USB and nvidia driver didnt do anything
  • My usb keyboard shuts off when it fails to boot
  • It appears to be a hard lock and I have to power off the system to retry
  • No change with APIC, SMP, ACPI, SMEP, etc disabled
  • The onscreen debugging is always the same, but I dont see a printed error (screenshot) and log output.

Successful boot log.

I will create a bug report if needed, but wanted to see what else I could try before that (other boot options, etc.)

I went ahead and created a bug report.