Boot from USB Fails before any icons light up

I have Haiku on a 4GB Patriot x-mini USB drive. I am able to boot Haiku from the USB on an old Dell laptop, it works very well.

I want to run Haiku on my desktop as well, but I cant get it to boot.

The hardware:
MB = Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3-B3
Video = Gigabyte GV-R567D3-1GI (HD5670)
HDD = Corsair Force 3 60Gb ssd
8GB Ram

Other Things:
Factory BIOS
The boot stick is plugged into the USB 2 port.
The boot “freezes” before the Atom symbol is even highlighted.
Remind me the keystroke to display to boot debug screens and ill get that as well.

  • Eric Smith

I have the same problem with the same motherboard when booting from a CD (Sata).

Activating “Enable on screen debug output” doesn’t display any error.

I had this issue with my Gigabyte P61-USB3-B3, resolved by disabling USB3 in the bios.

Something else that might work - on my macbook, I had to press a key after the boot icons were displayed to get them to start lighting up. Just to be sure you’ve tried it, as I at first thought it had frozen.

Perfect! I can now boot without problem.