BOINC Client And project apps

Are there any plans to release new BOINC Client for haiku? And what about project apps? I’ve been trying to use BOINC on Haiku with a SETI app but it never finishes the workunit :frowning: I know some of the project have their source open. I really would like to have my HaikuBox crunch some WU’s

Should not be hard to compile BOINC client on Haiku. I think Urias compiled the current one.

The project apps have to be compiled too. So, you would need to find open source projects.

Many projects have closed source code so you can’t use them on Haiku. Very few are open source (maybe 5 to 10? smaller ones).

Both the client and project applications have to be compiled on Haiku.

Indeed, I can update the BOINC client, but it won’t matter without project apps.

I have contacted a couple projects, who expressed interest, but then the discussion fizzled.

Maybe this weekend I’ll update the BOINC client and SETI app for Haiku :slight_smile: - one thing that is still missing from the BOINC client is proper AMD CPU feature detection support - I only completed the Intel stuff. I can do the AMD as well (I have an X2 5600+ here to test with), but it will take me some extra time.

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Good news: It seems BOINC still compiles on Haiku, although I had to hack a makefile. I’ll fix that properly and work on the AMD features - then submit a patch.

As for SETI, I seem to recall some issues getting SETI units to complete as well - there was a “known issue” where the reference WU for SETI would hang forever on some machines, and when I asked about that, they said they didn’t know why it happened, and you had to stop/cancel the WU and try again when it happened. That may be the issue you’re running into.

I’ll try to build a new SETI app as well, hopefully that will help.

Gimme a few days, I’ll try to post the files somewhere and announce on

I have contacted a couple projects, who expressed interest, but then the discussion fizzled.

Lots of the projects are closed source. So, you either have to get them to open source the code or get them to compile and provide a Haiku version themselves. Neither one is likely to happen but asking never hurts.

Best to find 3 popular open source projects and compile a Haiku version.

from SETI site
"The project is down while we remodel our database servers."

SETI is down for now.

I know the administrator of Enigma@home and i can talk to to him. I believe that Einstein@home also has the source open.

So the list of project with open source apps is:


SETI was already ported shortly after I did BOINC (although I haven’t yet tried it again).

I was actually in discussions with people involved in PrimeGrid because it happens that many of their applications are derived from other apps that I have ported or attempted to port already; LLR (which I still need to work on some more - this code was horrible), mprime (already ported for SoB and eventually GIMPS), sr5sieve (which worked great for SOB/PSP sieving after I ported it previously):

Unfortunately, I need their cooperation to get the BOINC versions of those apps built for Haiku… and that was where things sort of hung.

Einstein and Orbit sound interesting - I’ll have to take a look at those. Enigma doesn’t interest me all that much, but if I find some time I’ll certainly take a look at whatever code they provide.

Bear with me - I’m trying to find some free time to work on this more :slight_smile:

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Can You give some release date?

Project DNETC@home released app for haiku :smiley:

I patched the BOINC sources locally, but I still need to submit the patch. I wanted to rewrite the CPU feature detection, but I was disappointed in what I thought was going to be a better solution. Apparently all the necessary code is private to the Haiku kernel now, so I’ll have to re-create it anyway (similar to what I already did for Intel processors).

As for the DNETC boinc project - that’s probably just a thin shell wrapper around the dnetc client I ported. That client is also, unfortunately, a couple revs behind. I need to update it as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Running dnetc via a BOINC project is actually a really crappy idea. Yoyo@Home does this - and they get the credit rather than our own team. Better off just running the dnetc client directly and joining Team Haiku:


I just really would like to run my Haiku Box with BOINC and crunch :smiley: and i would like to encourage Haiku users to participate in the BOINC projects. In order to do that that BOINC client must be ported as well as project apps. I already convinced guys at DNETC to port an app for Haiku. It still have some problems, but i hope it can be solved. And i also hope i will be able to convince more project developers to port app for Haiku.

It seems to work. Maybe not perfect (0 seconds CPU time) but nevertheless

is there any progress?