Blender 3.3.1 for Haiku

I used Zink driver (implement OpenGL over Vulkan) to run Blender with hardware acceleration.


I don’t mean to go off topic, but in the meantime, can we expect a roadmap for your 3D acceleration drafts? I’m in the market for a new graphics card. :slight_smile:

any progress with radeon ?

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For Vulkan it will still take quite a long time, the question is that openGL even if it is considered obsolete it is still stable and mature and it is not a problem for anyone the gpu supported, they start from around 2007, they also say that they have to convert many internal modules in the way vulkan works, and the way to write things on vulkan requires more code… i’m sure though that blender on vulkan on haiku will be speeded up a lot because currently there is a problem with llvmpipe and it’s the same problem as because to start blender you need opengl 3.2 minimum. The thing is that when they moved from blender 2.7 to blender 2.8 they changed the way polygons are written on screen, they now use just to see wireframe or solid state polygons, more complex shaders compiled on the fly, normally this shaders compile from a special section on gpu (I’m explaining it maybe not perfectly but it’s just to give an idea) the same thing must have been done for the drawing of the gui too, since it too is slower with softpipe… in fact if you try opening blender 2.7 you will notice that it is much more responsive and also allows you to model with polygons up to a certain capacity allowed by the cpu.
I share this interesting conference, it talks about GPU, Vulkan, OpenGL and how Blender works in creating polygons at a technical level for developers.


Bumped to Blender 3.3.6…

Agent 327 Barbershop - Revision 63336
Actual (end product):

Haiku (before rendering):