Black screen with VGA Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE


I have an old Fujitsu P300 with an Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE VGA card. The pci-id is: 8086:2562. It should be supported by the intel_extreme driver, but when the system boots, only the blac, screen is displayed.

I have tried several monitors without success.

Booting in safe video mode with the vesa driver the desktop looks good, but I don’t have graphic acceleration.

What can I do?


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There is no video acceleration even when the driver is used. So, just blacklist it and use VESA permanently.


OK. I blacklisted and I can see the desktop. Thanks very much!

But…What is really the advantage of using intel_extreme instead of vesa?

Is there no difference between both drivers?

The VESA driver does not allow to set custom video modes, we are limited to an hardcoded list provided by the video card manufacturer. If it includes your display resolution, then there is no difference, but in some cases you end up stuck at 1024x768 maximum.

The intel driver programs the hardware directly so we have more control over what we do, but as a result it is not compatible with all hardware yet because there are always subtle differences.

There is another subtle difference - the VESA driver does not report any screen DPI.

This mostly makes no difference, but due to a bug in the current java build (openjdk), it can cause problems in some java applications such as ThinkFree Office.

The vesa bios does support getting edid info from the display, so it should be possible to fix this.