Black Screen -- Holding Shift Doesn't Seem To Work

I have a non-UEFI BIOS and I am attempting to boot the Haiku nightly CD from a couple of nights ago and all I get is a black screen after the bootup icons . Is there some form of fail-safe video mode I can access?

I tried holding the Shift key before and during boot and it does not seem to work. The screen stays black and doesnt eventually reboot.

Is this a multi boot computer? When do you start holding the Shift key? Also try repeatedly tapping the Shift key to see if that will invoke the Boot Loader screen.

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Depending of the BIOS, holding shift key may not work, try to hit space bar instead.
If you have muti-boot, you need to do that right after selecting your OS so before seeing the boot icons. You will then entering boot loader menu and find fail safe video mode option.


Yes, I was going to also mention the space bar if the shift key was a no go.

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Ugh – nevermind. It turns out Haiku doesn’t seem to like my Ultimate Hackers Keyboard. I plugged in a traditional keyboard and it works fine.

I was able to setup the fail-safe graphics mode and i’m actually responding to this thread from the demo CD. Good stuff.


Is this the kind of keyboard that you have?
Anyway all keyboards should work, think about opening a ticket about it.
There’s a bootloader option to get previous syslog, maybe you could get more info about what happened there.

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Yes – that’s the one! I will do some more testing to make sure that is the issue. Note that this “traditional keyboard” I have connected via PS/2 so I think its possible my BIOS isn’t detecting USB keyboards properly at the moment. I will definitely log a bug if my Ultimate Hackers Keyboard doesn’t work with Haiku though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also try to determine if it is a USB2 or USB3 port. Glad you got it working!

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I just confirmed that the issue I was having was that the USB keyboard was not enabled in the BIOS. So during the boot sequence before an OS is loaded, the keyboard was not detected. This computer has Windows 10 installed so it tolerates no input devices plugged in during boot, heh.

I jumped to way too many conclusions – smh. Sorry guys.

We should mention this in user guide.


Should I be editing the guide with this info? If so, how?

You need admin rights, so no you cannot edit the guide.
You could write a text to help the devs to insert your changes/additions.
@Diver is a Dev or try @humdinger
or the marketing team: @jt15s

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Its a pretty simple line of info to mention. I’m sure if the devs can see this post, they will handle it then.

I added this line to the boot loader options page of the Userguide:

With some hardware, you’ll have to make sure USB keyboards are enabled in the BIOS.

It’ll hit the online Userguide the next time there’s a manual export from the online tool.