Black Box in Media Player

When playing some of my mp3 files I get this large black box at the top of Media Player. I don’t know what it is. I also don’t get it on all my mp3 files, just some.

Media Player

With a quick glance I didnt see this as an existing bug. I would suggest opening one up if you could. If possible attach an example file that causes this.

It is possible for MP3 files to have a picture in ID3v2 tags, for the album cover for example. I would check if it isn’t the case there. Maybe it is the picture that doesn’t render well.


I think that may be it. Although it would seem none of them render. How do I turn this off. It isn’t something I want anyway.

Yes, I’ve had the same with my mp3’s with vlc i see the actual pic with MP i get a black box.

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I noticed that myself the other day. Certainly a new bug.

On another note, I’d like to see the old SoundPlay visualizer added to MediaPlayer.


Does anyone know how to turn it off? I’ve looked in settings and I can 't find anything. Even if this feature worked 100%, I wouldn’t want it.

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After checking it is indeed the cover that does not display.
This feature can’t be turned off in MediaPlayer, but if you really don’t want it you can remove the embedded cover from your mp3 files tags using ArmyKnife.

You can edit or convert the files. But rhats not wjhat you want. Better would be to turn the video stream off.

There seems to be already two tickets about it.
First is about fixing the feature:
16530 MediaPlayer: cover art missing
Second is about allow disabling it:
16994 Disable or force the cover art size in MediaPlayer


You can verify what the ID3 tags are being used by inspecting the MP3 file with ArmyKnife.

Make backup copies of MP3 files you are about to perform on first. If these “black pics” offend you that much, you can remove the cover art image linked to the cover art tag saved within the MP3 file and then resave the mp3 file.

Try that first or you can use command-line utiities to do the same thing as well if you are more comfortable with that.

I wouldn’t call it “offensive” just very annoying. While I would love for the devs to allow it to be turned off. It isn’t the most important thing for them to do right now. There are open tickets for it. It’s on their radar, so it’s good.