Black borders around display

PC Spec
i5 3470
1TB WD Black HDD
8GB DDR3 Ram

I know video card is not support. i change resolution to 1920 by 1080
Any suggestions?

1020, really?

opps i mean 1080

Seems to me that Haiku VESA driver do not support 1920×1080 resolution. I booted Haiku in VESA mode and in Preferences I get resolution high as 1400×1050 only, with black borders of course and with horizontal distortion on 1920×1080 monitor. Haiku VESA driver needs to be updated (with non standard VESA video modes? or my video chip do not support some non standard VESA video mode and those do not show in Preferences?).

VESA does support 1920x1080 (on my desktop PC) but IIRC it is dependent on the modes returned by BIOS.
If your BIOS doesn’t declare support for specific resolution, tough luck. Maybe there are workarounds, but I’m not aware of any.

There is a Clover bootloader which is supposed to inject EDID modes in VBIOS.

Unfortunately the VESA driver cannot do anything about it. The only thing it can do, is ask your video card BIOS for a list of modes, and then tell the BIOS which mode to use. There is no way to set a custom mode with VESA. Otherwise, we would not have spent any time developing hardware specific drivers and we would just be using the VESA driver everywhere.

The problem here is that most VESA BIOS implementation just return a fixed list of hardcoded video modes. They will not get info from the plugged display to know which mode it supports. And even worse, the list they use is usually restricted to old 4:3 video modes which are not suitable at all for modern hardware.

As Diver mentionned, the Clover bootloader patches the BIOS (by playing tricks with the MMU and looking for something that looks like a modeline in the BIOS code). We could do something like that in Haiku as well, in theory, but no one has attempted it yet.

You may have better luck by using UEFI, as when booting with UEFI, the VESA BIOS is not used, and instead we use UEFI APIs to set up a frame buffer. It is possible (but not guaranteed) that UEFI in your machine allows to set resolutions which it doesn’t offer in BIOS/VESA mode.


Is there a guide making a anyboot uefi boot USB