Better GUI look but still the Be feel

I was hoping for transparent tabs on the windows that may disappear when the mouse is not on the window. Only the window that has focus has a 75% transparent tab. 100% opaque tab on mouse over.

Transparency only looks good if it’s done right (Aero Glass). This IMO wouldn’t be the “nice” way to do it. I’m not a fan of transparency anyway but i wouldn’t want to see transparent tabs, and i’m sure a lot of others wouldn’t either.

Transparency should be used very carefully. In Ubuntu, the default theme has slightly transparent tops on inactive windows. Personally, I think it looks like crap.

Window shadows and antialiased rounded corners are a perfect use, though.

Who really wants something that is more resource intensive than a simple regular tab.

And isn’t this supposed to kind of have the Beos feel?

Who really wants something that is more resource intensive than a simple regular tab.

When you have dedicated hardware capable of drawing thousands of alphablended triangles and dedicated graphics memory, this is not really an issue.

Though I know Haiku doesn’t have very good graphics hardware support right now, I’m confident it will come.

But sure, the rectangular, non-transparent theme should still be available for low-end systems. Or if you simply don’t like the more “modern” look.

OK, I’ll agree to that as long as I can have a minimal impact setting so I can use all the system horsepower for things that actually really matter. Yes I run all my Windows boxes in the classic mode with all the transitions turned off, can’t stand them.

I would like for the GUI a little more functionality.
For the windows I would like something like in windows 7. When you pull the window by the title bar to the left side, the windows resizes itself occupying the left side of the screen. The same for the right side. Pulling it to the top of the screen will maximize the window.

I also like the task-bar of windows 7, it’s quite organized, and the right window/application from the taskbar can be fast and easy accessed.

Personally I think that the GUI looks fine as it is. The subtle-but-elegant use of shading, the simple-but-beautiful GUI controls, and the general polished look and feel need no real change. In fact the only GUI are that I think could use improvement is TERRIBLE for large folders. The ability to have icons snap to a grid and to sort them by name or file type would be a nice thing, because I’m tired of using lists for all my large folders.

For snapping to grid, you have ALT+K, to additionally sort the icons, you press ALT+SHIFT+K. Sorting order for that is the same as in List View, so you’d have to temporarily switch to List View (ALT+3), do primary and possibly secondary sorting (SHIFT+click on a column) and then return to Icon View (ALT+1).

BTW, if you move a column in List View to the far left, beside the icon, and return to Icon View, the icon labels will show that particular attribute.


I always have to wonder, why people say things like, I like the feel of Windows 7

Then why not use Windows 7 ?

If I like the looks of a Chevy, I dont write to Ford, and tell them to try and look like a Chevy. I just buy a Chevy. It’s that simple

As for Windows popping up, down, or anywhere in between, thats got to be the stupidest thing about Windows 7. What if I moved the window there, because I actually want it there ?

If you gonna have window control, then put it in the task bar, and make me click on it if I want it to do something. Dont try and guess at what I want
That does nothing but piss me off

I think that whatever happens, the user should have the ability to choose the layout style. I think that, as Haiku is so fast and light-weight, some of the Windows 7-style snappy window things could work well, but, personally, I think that they’re just stupid. The little windows that open-up when hovering-over an application in the taskbar are just annoying. The one thing that bugs me most is when computers do something automatically that I don’t want, need, like, or understand. Anywho, I think that the theme is pretty great as it is, and the most drastic changes we should be looking at are rounding of corners, or gradients, etc. Keep it simple, or we’ll end-up with something like (shudder) Linux.

I wouldn’t even round the corners.

You guys should check out my post on a minimalistic approach to making the tabs more contemporary without defeating the entire philosophy behind Haiku here:

you might like it :slight_smile: