Beta1 on iMac

I have been running hrev 51004 on an iMac and on an HP opteron desktop for some time now. I installed it using an anyboot usb stick. On the iMac I always need to choose “fail safe video” at boot time, or it won’t work. I tried installing the Beta1 release (32 bits) yesterday. It installed easily on the HP, but I can’t boot the iMac from the anyboot usb stick. In the boot loader, I choose the usb stick to boot from. If I let it boot, it boots into a black screen. If I choose “fail safe video” from the boot options, it reverts to booting from the hard disk, instead of the usb stick. It appears to be impossible to boot from the usb stick. Any ideas ?

Are you trying the 64 bit version? (only the 64 bit version provides EFI boot support).

It’s the 32 bit version. Booting from a usb stick worked with hrev 51004, but not with beta1.

I got it to boot ! By choosing “fail safe video” before choosing the usb stick as boot disk, it booted from the usb. And it installed perfectly.

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