Beta 4 Wishlist

I may be jumping the gun somewhat, or duplicating effort that I am not aware of (I’m assuming that is the case, in which case please redirect my output appropriately). Buuut, I thought I wold brain dump my latest wishes before they decohere:

  • USB Audio input and output support
  • Bluetooth Audio Support (in/out)
  • HDMI Audio Output support
  • System-wide live spellcheck and user dictionary on all text inputs (a la Mac)
  • Moar audio and Gfx and Network driver support
  • Intel Macbook Pro Wifi, Gfx and Sound support (yeah, I know that is a receding dream)
  • VPN support
  • Built-in CIFS/SMB support that talks to modern servers
  • Improved power/performance management for laptops / ability to tune
  • Fix fonts so that everything recognises user-added unpackaged fonts

Aaaaand, could someone please make

  • An nice GUI app that support SFTP and FTPS
  • A decent font-set manager
  • A usable Microsoft Teams client. Just kidding.
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maybe you dreamed a little, things like System-wide, Microsoft Teams (if I’m not mistaken it’s closed code), maybe the Intel network drive on the Macbook is still far away and it will be a long time until Beta 4 unfortunately :’/

Well, recipes and patches are welcomed :slight_smile:

I will not comment specifically on you points, but would actually add the possibility to remove some of the previous/unwanted states as I have a small hard drive and they do end-up taking significant place.

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Hi. Talking specifically about this, you can use the application Filwip (available at HaikuDepot). Notice that this application will delete all your previous states. You are not prompted to choose which one keeps.


Thanks for the hint, will test.

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One thing I would like to see (and I don’t know how much support/want this would get), is being able to run 32-bit programs in a 64-bit environment.

Failing that, being able to install 32-bit and 64-bit on the same drive would be nice, if I could select which one I wanted from the boot menu.

Other than that, HDMI sound would be nice (I really want a fully functional Atari computer with Haiku).


Ooh, so basically like Wow64 but for Haiku?
I think someone proposed doing a userland level virtual machine for binaries to run BeOS apps, maybe we could expand on that idea and have it run 32-bit Haiku apps as well.

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There is already a work in progress patch (able to run Haiku and BeOS apps) on Gerrit. Surely one of the things we can revisit and finalize.

It depends what you need. For example my work PC is in the office which is already quite safe from people wanting to steal data, so encryption is not really needed. However, when I take a break or attend a meeting, I better lock my session somehow, otherwise people seeing my computer left open will send an email on my behalf kindly offering to bring breakfast for the whole company the next day :sweat_smile:

That being said, the existing screensaver lock, while quite limited, could be enough in this case.


Easier UEFI setup. You need create a partition and copy the files manually. Actually, there can be a button for making the UEFI boot partition and copying files.


well actually the missing system-wide spellchecker is the reason for not having haiku my 1st Operating system, and fallbacking to linux for my translations. As myspell and maybe aspell are available in haiku it’s only a matter of implementing their functions… so yes maybe something in Haiku API should change, but it will be a huge progress, for me at least.

About multi-user actually I find it useless, and I agree with X512 when it says “The best way is not share PC at all and let each user have separate physical PC”, at home it’s important teach what’s allowed and what people should be careful of (a way to let kids be more responsible of their actions), for the rest Haiku now is hard to damage (i remembered the times when a “rm -rf” was possible from root folder… or was it BeOS?)…


My wish would be to not have a Beta 4.
I would like to see a R1 release.


What type of Atari computer do you have? I’m curious since Atari was my first love so to speak… :blush:

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Definitely something we can put on the priority list for Beta4.

Also, having your Neonlights screensaver included is a no-brainer as well.


Now that would be awesome. Feels like Haiku is almost there…

For GUIs it would be nice if we could use a DSL.

I have been creating DSLs with ruby in particular ruby-gtk3. Others
made more generic DSLs, like where you write once, and then you
get classical GUI bindings, as well as WWW support (e. g. HTML
form fields, input field, textarea etc…)

For instance, in ruby I often do:

button = # Just as an example.
button.on_clicked {

It’s of course what you can do in e. g. C++ just as well, but it
reads really nice (to me). That would be cool to have available
in Haiku out of the box for ad-hoc GUIs; otherwise we always
depends on people who have to know C++. Which I think isn’t
ideal (let’s ignore the issue of speed-of-execution for the moment).

The example in regards to ruby can be done with python too, or
more generally any DSL. It’s just an example. The point is more
about letting people create stuff on Haiku as-is while lowering
the entry barrier.

Several other parts such as USB support of course need direct
code support.

Font support seems to be simpler to do but you could try to see
if web-based installation of a font is convenient and simple to
do on Haiku by default. (I usually delegate this onto ruby; on
linux I just download the font as-is, then move it to the correct
location via ruby automatically so I don’t have to remember

At the moment, the only one I have is the new VCS 800, which is based around the AMD R1606G. It gets a lot of hatred around the Internet, but it makes for a very competent mini PC and runs Haiku pretty well.

The only two downsides are that Wi-Fi isn’t supported and (more importantly to me) the only audio is through HDMI.

Since I loved my Atari 400, 130XE, and Mega 2 ST (and assorted consoles), I figured I’d take a chance on what would probably be the final Atari branded console/computer.

Maybe a Haiku-script language can help with an apple script-editorial like guide, but I dislike the idea using python / ruby for this. It would result in a gnome like disaster.

I forgot two things: I would like to see the Installer handle UEFI/EFI stuff. And I’d like to see Haiku signed so settings like Secure Boot aren’t an issue.


Some of my big dreams (I know that they’ll probably not come true so fast,probably not at all but that’s okay)

  • GTK Application support - I guess Qt integrates much better into the Haiku UI but so much important stuff is written with GTK.
  • A Firefox port
    • Or at least make QtWebEngine work so that Otter Browser supports more modern web standards
  • System-wide proxy settings with SOCKS5 support so that I can use Tor for everything
    • All system applications should make use of this proxy
  • The possibility to lock my session with a password,no need for really secure encryption,only to prevent that any stranger can look at my computer while being AFK for a few minutes
  • A ARM port that boots on some real hardware,at least on my Raspberry Pi 400
  • Improved support for too new laptop hardware - Neither Beta 2 nor Nightly boots on my Medion Akoya :frowning:

Haiku is a great operating system,thank you all for the hard work so far,I know that my wishes are really hard to implement and I understand that there are other priorities.I’m only dreaming about things that would be nice to have :smiley: