Beta 4 release: Frenzy not yet seen

Last time, when BETA 3 was about to be released, a flurry of activities was seen…now, for BETA 4, no such indications are visible yet.
Is BETA 4 release delayed?..

At least tickets with status blocker and high should be closed first or moved to R1.

Delayed from what? No date was announced. We release things when they are ready. Right now there are various blocking issues for beta4 so it is not ready.


might be a good idea to set a date to start release process and loosely layout a schedule

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We do that when all blocker issues are fixed. Otherwise we are setting a date with no idea if we can make it work so it’s completely useless.

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For previous betas, some ‘blocker’ tickets were moved down the road. Just saying.

Right now it is impossible to connect to wifi networks using the gui. That’s not the kind of thing we want to put in a release, I think?


This is going to be a big release, let’s not rush.


I’m not rushing (or intend to) :slight_smile: this is one major element in Haiku, so I leave that up to the masters :wink:

Is it still? I fixed some of the issues around here, at least I can connect now, and korli closed a ticket indicating it was fixed for him.

Which is the gui for network? I have configured “Network” to connect to my mobile, USB tethering…Not aware of any GUI for this

This is only for WiFi. For authentication we are using WPASupplicant. To have deal manually with this on linux, I can tell you that it is easy to be lost in the config file. Too many options, too many examples,it is not made for simple user. So, since new versions are allowing it, we will use a GUI. When you will pick up a network in the list of the detected ones, you will have a pop up like this

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I just looked at the roadmap and saw #17855 (iprowifi7260 - no connection due to missing data in keystore_database) – Haiku there.

As far as I can see, that’s still open.