Beta 3 user test

i testet beta 1- 3 and the alphas in my thinkpad x60s
the beta
s are slower and some flickering problems as the alphas
eg: workspace switch, the beta
s give me from switch to switch a black screen.
wifi: works but after 2-4 min. lose the conections.

Some UI are dont like eg: the new file info UI, the orgina BeOS r5 are fine, why? do this!
Deskbar settings ! windows size not over the deskbar?
remamber, beos have a philosophy: minimal settings but the best setting are default.
it works or not
simplecity over complexity
fast, respons,

on the end:
the beos feeling are more and more losing, its feels haiku goes more complexer as beos r5 and slower.

mfg stargater

Haiku code is far from optimized right now! The developers concentrate on making Haiku work stable now…

There is also some debugging tools in the system to sqash bugs…

It is still Beta!
We have to be patient right now!
Lots of software do not work for production atm.

Big steps in Haiku developement happen!


You should try a nightly image.

That surely won’t help with the speed. As far as I know the nightlies have a lot more debugging options enabled (and are therefore slower) than the beta releases. Might help with the flickering and wifi issues, not sure how many changes were made to the relevant drivers since beta3.

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Please open a ticket about that, and also the wifi issues. Maybe there was a driver regression somewhere, the developers need to know about it.

Go to screen preferences, and re-apply the current video mode to all workspaces. This will fix the problem.

I needed some space to show the file attributes, so I reworked the window a bit. I think it is not a big change and it’s very convenient to have the attributes visible in the GUI. Everyone is telling that attributes are super cool, but there is no way to view them and you have to use terminal commands in BeOS?

It is changed automatically if you put the deskbar in autoraise mode. In this case the old behavior is preserved.


OK THX, and what is the problem? GPU driver?

Multiple problems conspiring together…

  • The app_server has set slightly different video modes on each workspace (minor timing differences, same resolution) for some reason (I have not found why yet)
  • The intel video driver is currently a bit slow at switching video modes. It is work in progress and for the moment it is wise to go “by the book” and do exactly what Intel says we should do. Later when the driver is working reliably on more hardware we can experiment to see if it’s possible to skip some steps to make it faster.

So, everytime you switch to a different workspace there is a mode switch, and mode switches are slow.

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big thx
i hope this will fixed in the future. this are a one of 1000 stuff why i loved beos
multiple screen with diferent screen and colore mode.