Beta 3 best experience yet

BETA3 - my best Haiku experience yet

I used BeOS back in the day, I try to run Haiku every year or two.

In the past it has always been too ‘crashy’ for me when it booted at all. Fingers crossed touch wood, it feels different now.

I had an old i7 3770 CPU, some DDR3 ram and a passive Zotac GT640 GPU on a shelf collecting dust.

So I just put them into a new motherboard from China; its the tiny LGA 1155 board with bright orange parts and a hundred different names; (and dozens of different prices) showing up on Amazon UK this week.

The board interested me as it supports an M2 SSD; I used the cheapest SATA one I could find, the board also supports NVME but those are more expensive.

The old graphics card worked in 800x600 mode, after fixing the vesa mode; I have working boot; working display and working ethernet.

The easiest way to get it to boot seemed to be to let the installer format the whole SSD.

The sound also works fine.

Pleased to be posting this from Haiku Beta3/64 the day after installation.

In terms of experience, It boots very quickly.

When running it feels fast.

The Haiku desktop experience is of course perfectly brilliant.

The software seems far more reliable for me now than it ever has been before.

Web Positive seems fairly solid, it does freeze up on some links but it is not crashing the entire system all the time like it has in the past.

It is a great desktop operating system; fun to use, many thanks to all the developers.


Hope you stick around this time. Haiku can use people in all areas. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.


My Haiku box has remained solid and reliable with no issues in the week since I set it up, so I am sticking with it.

I also found that the integrated graphics in the 3770 ‘just works’ when connected to the boards DVI port, so I now have a wide choice of useful screen modes.

I enjoy the feeling I get from using Haiku that this is a personal computer that belongs to me, if that makes sense.


“I enjoy the feeling I get from using Haiku that this is a personal computer that belongs to me, if that makes sense.”

Oh yeah, makes perfect sense. Especially for those of us that used BeOS and then on to Haiku.