Beta 2 coming from there?

according to this text the second beta of our beloved haiku is in 2 months? this is correct?


Approximately. Why?

for nothing, just curious. People have a passion for dates, milestones, and the like. and I hope to be able to post this (when clearly confirmed) on the portal where I work

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The updates in the nighty releases look like Beta2 is shaping up to be even more feature-rich and better than ever. :smiley:

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yes, I’m getting more and more excited

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My dear, I know that you who contribute to this wonder that is haiku, are averse to reports and the like. but I would very much like to have a nice conversation with you. (not the name of da haiku inc, of course) but as an active member of the community. It would be interesting for my readers to have this experience.

Are the existing translations going to be merged from Pootle before the release of beta 2?

They already are. The “Autocommitter” has been operational after a prolonged sabbatical since mid July, see

I believe the recent nightly builds (until a few days ago) don’t include Portuguese translation yet. Is it very far away from making the cut?

It appears above the threshold of 60% we generally use, so @nielx should be able to enable it, indeed. Please file a ticket about that.


You Brazilian or portugese?

I am from Portugal and have been working on the Portuguese translation for Haiku and a few third party applications.

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