Beta 1 has branched

In case anyone didnt know, when you update (using ‘pkgman update’ or SoftwareUpdater app etc…)
You will update to Beta1! Sweet!



I couldn’t resist to snapshot it:


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That not the real beta yet, just a Haiku built from the beta branch. Beta will come later, there will be official announcement.


Seeing “beta” in an update is reason enough for some applause!

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Updating… :smiley:

P.S. Right-click the image, and open it in a new tab. :slight_smile:


heh. Tricky!

So… We bumped the version in master from alpha4 to beta1. You’re actually on the master codebase chugging past beta1 now.

If you check out your pkgman list-repo via the terminal, you should see a url like:

Haiku -> base-url:

To switch to the official r1beta1 branch, you’ll need to update your URL to:

That repo doesn’t exist just yet… but we’re working on it! Keep in mind anything ‘r1beta1’ at the moment are pre-release testing builds and not the official R1 Beta 1. I’m busily reworking our buildbot infrastructure to smartly print out ‘release’ images and repositories when requested. (we haven’t had any releases since package management was introduced, so stuff has gotten a lot more… ‘complex’)

More information (and full testing images) soon!