Beta 1 cherrypicking

I am watching the commits to Haiku Branch Master.
Beta 1 is currently installed and I don’t want to switch back to the nightlies.
Now I saw some fixes for imap in mail which I want to test.
Where can I see that these commits are “cherry picked” for beta 1?

Hopefully someone can enlighten me

When you go to you can switch to the r1beta1 branch with the menu in the upper right corner.

Thank you very much, humdinger.
That is what I am looking for.

I’m not sure that the IMAP fixes will wind up getting cherry-picked for a variety of reasons; but we’ll see what happens I suppose. Right now, since the buildbots are down while @kallisti5 works on transitioning us to new infrastructure, it’d be pointless to cherry-pick anyway.

Since there were not much regressions in the nightlies yet, there was no need for a separate maintained beta branch yet. We’ll start considering one when there starts to be problems with the nightlies.