Best web browser in 2024

I am looking for the best (most functional) browser for my hobby computer (Lenovo X220 + Haiku R1/beta(revision hrev56578+93)). From the browser I would expect:

the last two requirements are optional, I care most about the first three.
I tried Falkon (can’t log in, but blocks ads and plays videos), Dooble (logs into reddit, and into stackoverflow but doesn’t work/unsupported browser). Otter doesn’t work similarly, neither does Qutebrowser and WebPositive

Why insist on One Browser to Rule Them All? Use each browser for the sites that work best with them.

Some kind of centralised bookmark app might be useful, so that the same bookmark will always open in the user’s preferred browser for that site. Maybe I’ll write one.

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It would be more convenient to use one, but I do not insist on it, it is a certain solution. Only I haven’t found any browser that would allow me to log in to, it’s a bit ironic. But I will test more browsers because I love Haiku

Then there is something wrong with your account. I’m posting this from WebPositive. No problems.

Browsing on Haiku kinda works best with a combo of browsers it has on it, I saw the port of Gnome Web (Epiphany) didn’t get a mention, but definitely try that one as well :smiley:

I, too. At hrev57434.

Webpositive is blocked out of some sites that Gnome “Web” can access, I could guess that they identify themselves differently and the offending sites work with a limited set of browser IDs. Sites hosted on Cloudflare software can be very annoying. For Youtube and google maps I have to use Web, and even if WebPositive worked with youtube I think I’d stick with Web for the ad blocking. Elsewhere WebPositive I lean towards WebPositive, if only because its input allows characters outside 7 bit ASCII.

I uninstalled Web, updated the system (or just some libraries) reinstalled Web and it works perfectly.

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For me Web/Epiphany simply crashes every time I try to launch it :man_shrugging:
Have never been able to make it work anymore for months at this point.

There is user agent spoofing quirks in WebKit but I think we have not enabled them yet. Basically it allows the browser to pretend to be Safari or even Chrome for websites which are known to filter and allow only known user agents. It could solve some of these problems.

I’m sure it would, though of course the real problem is web sites that allow only known user agents. It’s especially absurd given that these “spoofs” have been around for a long time.

Webkit has a whole list of workarounds and fixes for websites that only care about chromium, in addition to the UA spoofing. : )

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You can use WebPositive and Falkon, both!

When installing some of these browser packages, keep an eye on what they propose to upgrade for you. The dependencies are extensive, and the install can bring you practically a whole new operating system - one that may or may not work for your hardware. I became aware of this when my wifi went out; to recover, I couldn’t just back out of the installed system packages, I had to install a new nightly.

Ahoy @Malanow ,

I started this answer earlier … today I could finish the post as re-checked the browser list and iterated test as well - you would find below !


For Haiku services
the best is Webpositive
If you cannot login onto the forum, then something went wrong with registration and/or Haiku installation.
You can bet on it – I installed all available browser - I mean those, which ones are packaged and are in repos - as I had not compiled any for myself from source (e.g. Ladybird newer patched version).

I do not say there is no issues - even with Web+ - sometimes, but I found reliable for Haiku related stuff.

You had written
you are on Haiku stable version , it could have not the reason for login had not succeded for you.
Stackoverflow worked for me in it, however I just browsed not logged in there.

Web/Epiphany browser lesser reliable, tends to forget bookmarks, and sometimes have issues, but for Youtube and GMail it is usable.

I dunno reddit site,

I just heard about that many ppl goes there hating and complaining about other reddit users - not a respectful, calm environment -
Not really understand why is it so good to visit then …
I assume it can have some peaceful small corners.

Back to Web - it was a bit resource hunger, now after a fixed memory leak it behaves better - just as Falkon.

Falkon is the most superior, if we see only the points gotten on HTML5 tests, there is adblock as well, just as in Web.

There is Dooble - it is also usable, but localization is broken, so english only its surface - if it does not problem for you.
Quite recent version otherwise : 2023-12-25

There is still Otter browser and Qupzilla (that is now the Falkon recently - its development continues in Falkon).

You can use them, but not for the latest full featured sites, as for Haiku Otter needs some upgrade to close the actual upstream version - so a bit old on Haiku and many protocols, services missing related to others I talked about.

Qupzilla is an older version of Falkon, I think it can be usable, however it won’t be developed on this name anymore.

There are some small simler browsers ported here, like Netsurf, Ladybird, Dillo Plus, Qutebrowser but their usage a bit limited - not only due to its engine, but the limited or lacking browser features as well.

HTML5 test results -


Dooble - QtWebEngine560 / 594

Falkon - QtWebEngine572 / 594

Kristall - unknown engine → To view the results of your browser you need to enable Javascript!
(Well it is mostly for Gemini protocol, but you can enable HTTP/HTTPS or even older ones, as Gopher, but seems : handling Java still had not added yet ! - in Settings there were no place to enable it )

Ladybird - of Serenity OS, unknown engine238 / 594
(It had surprised me how perform this level …
really sorry that the newer version still had not shared on Haikuports by whom who ported that from among our forum members !! I thought it would render the Javascript message for me, but rather a result !!..
but really a bit messy in layout, however a real result, with details)

Links - character graphical, unknown engine → To view the results of your browser you need to enable Javascript!

Lynx - text based, in Terminal :slight_smile: → To view the results of your browser you need to enable Javascript!

MiniBrowser - WebKitGTK523 / 594

Otter - Qt + WebKit 602.1396 / 594

Qupzilla - Qt + WebKit 602.1417 / 594

Qutebrowser - QtWebEngine560 / 594
( Just as Dooble … but the vim-like navigation within program … well, it must used to learn and practice !.. :smiley: )

Web (aka Epiphany) - WebKitGTK520 / 594

Webpositive - HaikuWebKit393 / 594

Kind regards,