Best way to emulate BeOS and or Zeta?

Is there a good config and emulator to emulate BeOS on modern computers (on Haiku)?

Would be finde to have a tutorial on our knowledge base to do this.

I’ve both running in virtual machines on VMWare Fusion. Just installed and everything is working fine. They probably run fine in VirtualBox too.

I have beos max running in virtualbox, but I’m not sure of the best way to share the machine configuration? It took some fiddling to get working, and I had to download and install a network driver in BeOS once it was installed… don’t remember how I managed to do that.

R5 with the cpu timer fix and the Intel Gigabit driver runs very, very well in Virtualbox these days

Had R5 reporting a weeks uptime that was actually spread across a month or so of the laptop being in sleep mode in between. You’ll need an NTP client if you want to keep the clock in sync.


I would suggest PCEM or 86Box as they both emulate the legacy hardware very well. I managed to get BeIA running under PCEM for example, with little problems. I think only networking was an issue, and that turned out to be an IRQ conflict that took a reboot of the emulator to fix… Virtual Box is okay, but PCEM is closer to what you used back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

I can confirm that BeOS R5 runs pretty well in VirtualBox, after installing the correct drivers. With good screen resolution and networking.
But since you asked about running BeOS under Haiku where we don’t have Virtualbox I think the only viable option would probably be Qemu. A quick google search tells me that BeOS does apparently run under Qemu, so it is just a question of finding the right settings. And the performance won’t be very good (depends on your hardware of course) because we have no hardware virtualization support in Haiku.

I took the ReactOS route via VirtualBox to get a running BeOS install (Personal Edition). That was really easy to setup and get going.

On Haiku, probably the only route would be QEMU at the moment. PCem or 86Box may or may not be ported to Haiku.

Have both BeOS R5 and ZETA running in VirtualBox fine. (although hardly used) :slight_smile:

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