Best Text Editor for (non-C++) developers

Good evening,

I finally decided to stop cross-developing using my Mac and to start writing stuff directly on Haiku (this because I’ve finally my real box available again).

I see there are many text editors now (I used just Pe in the past) but I was wondering which is the best one for my use cases:

  • Porting stuff (need: Makefile and bash syntax highlighting)
  • Writing R and Julia code (needs: configurable build system and syntax available for both those languages, perhaps picking up those available from other platforms/applications if not available)
  • Dark mode (similar to Sublime)
  • Project folding (agai, similar to Sublime)

Said that, I’m still learning C, so…if you have some preferences for an IDE I’ll be more than happy than know your feedbacks on those available on Haiku :slight_smile:


I’m not a developper myself but I like Koder.
Though it doesn’t manage projects, it’s light, knows a good number of syntaxes and has a dark mode.

Or old scool beos developing with Paladin (rebuild of beIDE).

Qt Editoren are available too or the yabIDE

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Good day @TheClue,

I’m using Koder now for almost anything (which is very few), though I miss VSCodium features (I use Codium for Godot). So recently I´ve been doing some research, and maybe Emacs could be a good option? Some would say Vim? I will be trying Emacs soon, as it seems to have plenty of options to make it “yours”. We will see.

I do miss too Glade+GnomeBuilder to create GUI apps, mostly because I´m not a dev, and using those two together allows to build simple apps quickly. I still need to figure out what to use in Haiku for that though.


notepadqq used to be very nice…but the port is outdated (and the upstream is dead :frowning: )

yabIDE doesn’t start here (just the splash screen, then nothing)

I’m trying QTCreator but it’s a bit…well…too much IMHO

I like vi! Vim, that is. I bet you won’t think it’s … too much.


I also like Vim but…u know…tempus fugit:wink:

I find myself using notepadqq very often, partly because I get used to notepad++ on Windows.

Of that system you are 32bit or 64bit?

If you can send me more information we can file a bugreport on our bug tracker

64bit. Visually, I got nothing: just the splash screen, then exists. No evident crash, no popup asking for debugging.

If you like, pls send me a PM with more detailed informations on what you need for a better bug report :slight_smile: tnx!