Best QEMU-KVM VGA configuration

Hello all,

First all, congrats for releasing B1.

Short intro:
I’m playing around with Haiku B1 with the expressed intent of possibly help out the development somewhere down the line.
While I do plan to build some small machine for it in the coming months, I’m currently limited to virtualization (directly via QEMU-KVM) on my Fedora Linux Xeon workstation.

A couple of questions:

  1. What is the suggested VM configuration for Haiku 64bit? I’ve currently allocated 2 CPUs, 2GB RAM ~40GB IDE device and std (VESA) VGA?
  2. When I open WebPositive and try to browse more or less anything, the VM hangs for 10-15 seconds and then completes the redraw. Should I allocate more memory? More vCPUs? Is CL5446, vmware VGA and/or QXL better supported than VESA?
  3. Stupid question: How can I tell if WebPositive is triggering KDLs? How do I debug / report them?

EDIT: Try replacing the std video device with QXL, and the WebPositive seem to behave better.

Thanks again for the hard work,

  • Gilboa

Short update: Increasing the number of vCPUs to 4 and RAM to 8GB, somewhat improves the performance.

  • Gilboa