Best File System for Multi Boot

I’m setting-up a mutliboot with Haiku and WIndows XP, and was wondering which filesystem to use. I need the files to be able to be written and read in both OS, and would like something that has support for a range of cluster sizes. I have had problems with Windows deleting files written by Haiku for no apparent reason, so if you know of any filesystems that are particularly stable, please could you let me know.


AFAIK haiku is perfectly capable of reading and writing to fat32 and ntfs file systems. I must admit I am only just now preparing a multi-boot system to run Windows 7, haiku, ubuntu 9.04 and Mac-OSx 10.5.6 all on the sam GPT hard drive on an Intel Atom based PC. Haiku will not be able to access the Mac OS partitions since they will be outside of the first 4 partitions on the drive. (See the article at for the challenges of installing haiku along with Mac OSX.)

Once I get it going, I will check on it and let you know. I do get a warning when mounting a NTFS disk discouraging me from mounting it read/write so, there may be some unresolved issues writing to ntfs partitions.


Anyone know if any of the linuxy type formats are any good?

No. Linux partitions can’t be read by Windows. Go with Fat32.

I have not had a chance to do anything more on my Atom mobo based quad boot system but, I got a Compaq CQ50 110US laptop that needed to have the OS reinstalled so I took the opportunity to install Haiku and Linux on it as well, before returning it to it’s owner.

I tried downloading some stuff for both linux and windows using Webpositive and then copying them over to the respective partitions. The windows files copied fine and I was able to reboot into windows and install the software without any problems. The linus partition was read only and I did not even get the option of mounting read only or read/write like when mounting my ntfs partitions. Hope that helps. Like others have said, fat32 is your best bet.


Cheers guys. The only problem is that very few partition managers let the user choose a cluster size, particularly for FAT32. I’ll have to use my brother’s copy of Vista, and partition it that way. It’s a shame that Haiku’s DriveSetup isn’t fully functional yet.

windows can read and write Ext2fs, grant to “installable file system”.

So I would say : it’s a shame that Windows doesn’t handle nor BeFS nor Ext2 nor BtrFs nor JFS …

Crie 3 partições primárias 1 para windows ntfs, 1 para seus dados ntfs
e uma fat32 para instalar o haiku.

O Haiku vê o windows, mas o windows não vê o haiku (BFS).

Então utilize a partição de dados para inter cambiar os seus dados entre os


Create three primary partitions one for windows ntfs, one for your data ntfs
and one fat32 for installing haiku.

Haiku see the windows, but windows does not see the haiku (BFS).

Then use the data partition for inter exchange data between their

I have noticed some problem to write data in an NTFS filesystem (when i boot inside Windows, scandisk start on the shared disk). Nothing problems with FAT32.

NTFS write support does not currentl work properly and IIRC has been disabled.

NTFS write support does not currentl work properly and IIRC has been disabled.[/quote]
Sure, I noticed it, and so I use FAT32 instead NTFS :wink: