Best backup software?

I’m wanting to back up my dev machine to a USB drive, but I am wondering if there is a good backup tool, rather than just dragging & dropping on this drive. Opinions?

Personally, I just make a .ZIP file with folders that I want to preserve (like /home). Remember that for some files Haiku uses extended attributes that will be lost if you copy files over a non BeFS filesystem, or use a compression method that don not support it. ZIP format is fine (supports and preserve the extended attributes).

I always used the ZipOMatic Addon and never had any issues when trying to restore the data.

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I formatted the thumb drive with BeFS so should be OK on the safety front… Does ZipOMatic allow automated backups? That’s what I have been wanting to do… I suppose I could make a script and run it automatically using cron, if Haiku supports that?

thereis rsync and luckybackup for gui…

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Yep! LuckyBackup works great and uses rsync which I know from Unix/Linux…

when you use luckybackup… may ask you favor to check the attribute is correctly transferred or not… someone report it but i cannot duplicate it

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Ok I’ll keep a lookout for it. Worked fine so far…

Hi. Yes, there is some cron-like tools in HaikuDepot like cronie and dcron.

If you are going to create an script to backup it to the thumb drive, I suggest to include a last step where you call the sync command. This command force any block change to be written to disk.

Honestly, not sure if the ‘sync’ is still needed, but is an habit that I learned when using the firsts Alpha releases of Haiku.

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I am in the habit of using sync from the xenix days LOL I’ll take a look at those tools, thx!

If you backup your home make sure it actually backs up the /config folder-structure aswell. There is a filesystem boundary at that folder, which could cause unexpected results. You can easily lose all of your settings. All of them. Double-check your backup.


Or you use lbackup, my backup tool are at:

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