BeSly Software on HaikuDepot?

I’ve noticed that BeSly makes a lot of software for Haiku, which you can view the full list of here:

However, users currently have to manually add the BeSly repo through Terminal to be able to download BeSly software.

It would perhaps be a good idea then, to add the BeSly repos to Haiku by default (similar to how the HaikuPorts repos are added by default to Haiku). This would be beneficial to both Haiku and BeSly, since:

  • HaikuDepot gets more software for users to browse through and download
  • BeSly gets more users of their software

What does everyone else think?

I am not in favor to provide any other repository in the basic install. Maybe they can be supplied as deactivated so the user have to enable them in the repositories preflet.


I would be happy if our repository server were standard in haikudepot, but I can understand if you don’t do it in order not to take responsibility for its content.

It would be nice, however, if our knowledge base and repository were permanently stored in the browser.

Someone can make an update to the webpositive_bookmarks file to add things there.

At least some of this software is repackaged BeOS software with unclear license. Unfortunately this makes it “technically illegal” and we would prefer not to have this in the official repositories. This is why there is the HaikuArchives project, attempting to contact the authors of BeOS software and get them to relicense their work under open source licenses.

And for the remaning software, why not package it at haikuports instead? If it can be built from source in a recipe, it means we can have 64bit (and later other platforms) support more easily.


This is not correct, we ask before we add Software from other people. We are clean this way.

Ok, tnahks for clarifying. In this case we can consider it.

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