BeShare: Can't download across home network

BeShare works fine for me if I just want to connect to one of the servers (generally and I can easily download any of the .mp3 files on the server.
However, on my home network where I have two computers running Haiku R1A2, I have some problems.
If I put some .mp3 files in the shared sub-folder of the first computer, they show up in the list of available .mp3 files on the second computer. However, when I select them to download on the second machine, although the selected file appears in the right-hand box of the BeShare GUI, nothing further happens. It just won’t download.
There is no firewall on either machine and I believe I have complied with the stipulations of the BeShare Super quick instructions which says that to share files, just put them in the shared folder and leave the client logged into the server.
Any clues as to what’s going wrong here?
Also, does BeShare only handle .mp3 files? The drop-down from the Query box offers only one option which is *.mp3