BePDF requires (unjustified) a password

BePDF requires a password every now and then (again), even for documents I have created myself.

Entweder hat dein pdf erstellungs tool eines eingerichtet oder aber das pdf wurde nicht richtig erstellt. Hatte schon oft dieses Problem wenn ein pdf nicht richtig, fehlerfrei, erstellt wurde.

Never seen that in any PDF I downloaded from the web (32bit Haiku).
If you can give a step-by-step description on how to create such a PDF, please file a bug at BePDF’s bugtracker.

Step by step instructions - a little more complicated, please!

This question is definitely wrong!
I like to say that as an ‘unprepared’ user!

I had Haiku fail while in the middle of a big copy (32 GB or larger) between two drives. And then have the PDF file on the unfinished drive ask for a password but the original file work fine. And if I copied across the working file, the copy works fine then.

Aside from rare files I get off the internet, it seems if the final part of a file did not copy correctly some checksum test fails and it asks for a password.

Dann mach den bugreport in deutsch, immer besser als wenn das englisch übersetzte falsch verstanden wird.

There are also videos that MediaPlayer does not play, although other (ported) applications have no problems with it!
However, MediaPlaer also plays older MOV files from the Mac, which a few years ago even caused problems on Windows!
All in all, the progress is remarkable

Es wird anscheinend ‘abgewiegelt’…die ‘Schuld’ woanders gesucht!
Wenn ich schreibe, dass weder Foxit Reader noch FlexiPDF unter Windows diese Probleme haben, egal woher die PDF-Datei (ob eine Seite, ein Heft mit mehreren Seiten, oder auch ganze Bücher) herstammt, was soll ich dann annehmen?
Natürlich habe ich versucht, diese PDF’s von der Original-Partition (Win10) zu öffnen, als auch nach Kopie auf die BFS-Partition von Haiku!!!

The PDF file you are trying to open is either saved in a too new format or uses such kind of features which arent supported by BePDF, or the file is corrupt or this is just a software bug. Use a different PDF reader or try to fix/replace BePDF’s rendering engine if you are a software developer, or open a ticket :

Just tried:
BePDF requires an unauthorized password if I want to open a PDF from a sub-sub-directory on an NTF partition (from Win10).
XpdfReader (* and qPDFView) does not ask for a password, but opens correctly from this directory.
Do I copy the PDF document e.g. into Haiku’s download directory, it also correctly loads BePDF without asking for a password.


The PDF documents in ‘Volume / Arcon Tips and Tricks / DI KRAUS AKTUELL’ are loaded without asking for a password, which in ‘2007’ ff are not.


Adobe licensing agreement for PDF specifications strictly mention that the reader software must adhere to the password protected bits, otherwise the developer forfeits the right to use the PDF specification. It looks like BePDF does the right thing, while other apps which open the password protected document are non compliant with Adobe licensing agreement.

Please again:
None of the PDF documents is password-protected!

So, to resume, PDF documents not password protected are asking for password when the document is on a ntfs partition and using BePDF?
Does it happen if the document is on another non-Haiku partition let’s say fat or ext2?
From what has been observed on incomplete files, I imagine that when you are opening a file, BePDF makes a copy of the document in cache so you don’t directly work on the original. In this case, it would open his copy too early before the file is complete in the cache. If it is what happens, it’s not forcibly BePDF fault but could be because ntfs driver is too slow.

There’s a bug in BePDF that it asks for a password whenever it doesn’t understand something about the PDF files, yes (I had this happen on corrupt files, for example). Now the question is, how do other apps manage to read the file when BePDF doesn’t?

Volume = 2. SSD, data and programs from Win 10, NTFS formatted

If I want to open a PDF document by double clicking in the directory /2007 (/Volume/ArCon Tipps und Tricks/DI KRAUS AKTUELL/2007), BePDF (as standard program) requires a password.

When BePDF is started (no matter how), it does not require a password. After that all PDF documents are also started (even after closing BePDF) by double clicking.
If a PDF document (after restarting Haiku) is copied from the directory /2007 to the directory /DI KRAUS AKTUELL/, it can be opened directly by double-clicking!
Afterwards also all PDF documents in the directory /2007

XpdfReader has similar problems, qPDFView does not!

The behaviour is not always 100% the same!

It could actually have something to do with the NTFS driver, as Starcrasher suggested (… ntfs driver is too slow.)!?
Greetings, Polli

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Still no ticket… consider open one, because your posts here can be easily missed.


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Danke Starcrasher!