is down

I finally managed to get my hands on the ol’ BeOS Bible a few weeks ago. I was eagerly awaiting the chance to browse the online content at, but sadly the site is down. ( last accessed it on January 1, 2004.)

I’ve tried contacting PeachPit a few times, but got nowhere. I don’t suppose anyone archived the site’s contents somewhere?

I managed to archive that site shortly before it went down. I have all of it. You’re welcome to it, too. I’m at work now, and all the files are at home, but when I get home I’ll make a Zip archive and check out the file size. If it isn’t too large, it might be possible for me to send it to you via email. Or perhaps you have an FTP site that I could upload it to?


Very nice of you to offer, but I already heard from someone on the OS News forums who sent me a 3.6 MB Zip file that seems to have everything. Is your archive much larger?

My Zip archive weighs in at 7.42 MB. Much of that could be due to the PDF versions of each of the online chapters from the book, which are redundant in the sense that the same chapters appear also in HTML format. Additionally, I have all of Scot Hacker’s articles and columns from BeHive (1996-1998) and BeView (1999-2001) included in the collection. This could also contribute to the larger file size. I created a single HTML “launch page” that permits easy entry into any one of the three “areas” (BeHive, BeView, BeOSBible).

Sounds pretty nifty! Check your PMs.

Thanks largely to the efforts of Oren Bear, the content of the former website is now available again online. It is being hosted at The Birdhouse, which is Scot Hacker’s corner of the web. You can find the content here:

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Something to while away the evening!