BeOS works from CD perfectly but not from HD

I have a HP DC7100. The Live CD works perfectly. I have a SATA 160GB that has first a FREEDOS partition then a BeOS partition. The HD installation does not work. The tracker, shutdown and network programs dont work, limited desktop functionality.

Just to throw a curve I am using OSL2000 as a MBR and Bootloader. Seems to work fine.

I don’t what it wrong but I know that under BeOS I was able to set the DOS and BEOS partitions both ACTIVE at the same time.

I am going to check this but dont really know what is wrong.

Also going to try hiding the unused DOS partition using the OSL2000.

Mounting the BEOS partition on the HD is worth a shot.

As well as using clean HD without OSL2000.

Any other suggestions? I let you know if I find out anything.

Update: Told OSL2000 to Autohide partitions. I believe since Primary partitions must be active to see them, the bootloader must change the way the booted partition sees other primary partitions. Works fine now.

Just curious - what are the specifications on your machine? Why not try Haiku instead of BeOS - BeOS was great but it’s dated and Haiku is mostly compatible with BeOS apps. Plus it gives you USB support and I imagine more (and more recent) drivers). IIRC - BeOS was able to handle USB keyboards and mice, but only with a shady patch.