BeOS startup sounds?

I didn’t know that BeOS had more than one startup sound. Does anyone know about these other startup sounds?


I think it depends on your R5 distributor, Koch didn’t include any but the first one. But R4.5 has all of these on the install CD and I have always used the wah wah pedal guitar sound as my start up sound.


Startup Sound #8 is very reminiscent of the THX Deep Note [The User is Now Deaf] :stuck_out_tongue:.

#3 and #4 are my favorites out of the bunch. Short, not too loud or starting, and relaxing. They could still work well in the present-day.

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Does anyone know what the result was for the system sounds contest?

There was a winner. No one has written the code to actually play the sounds and no one has packaged the sounds.

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You can see results here.
Apparently, links to download top 3 contributions are still working.
As @Pulkomandy says, you will only be able to get the startup sound and even if you associate a sound to a window event; it won’t work. But, you can associate them to other programs events. For example, BeShare has multiple events.
It is possible to save a sound scheme with ThemeManager but not easy to define a default sound scheme pleasing everyone.
Take device_connect/device_disconnect sounds
People using WiFi may want to use them with wpa_supplicant to know if their link is up. It’s a bit more complicated (you have to edit the config file) but doable.
People who don’t may prefer to associate them to USB Deskbar events.

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