BeOS software

I have on my google drive some BeOS software. From a torrent I downloaded some years ago.


You wouldn’t happen to have Zeta RC1 - Zeta 1.1 (Live CD also). Just got back into this and trying to rebuild my archives after a fire years ago. Also willing to buy Zeta’s Robin Hood and Airplane Tycoon Deluxe if someone has them. Willing to buy anything with CD versions if someone wants to sell.

Just a heads up, there’s no need to buy Robinhood, it has been open-sourced and the code is available here to build:


I forgot that Robin Hood used to be a web server for BeOS. I was meaning the game Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood.

I own it for Windows and Linux. I used to own it for Zeta but it was destroyed in a fire.

Sorry for the confusion mate.

Ah, no worries!

I does not know if it is running on current haiku build, but here the tutorial if Robin Hood from Zeta for Haiku.

Good luck finding that very old iso. Might find it on a BBS or usnet. Only torrent online with that iso.
version 1.21 with update to 1.5

Yes it is old coughsome am Icough. I’ve got Zeta 1.5 running in a VM, planning on getting a computer running Haiku up and running this coming week.

Hey lelldorin, I know you don’t remember me, but we have chatted long time ago. You still doing YAB? Also yes I know it probably won’t run under Haiku, but I will try.

Also if anyone has commercial CD’s of Zeta or Zeta programs lying around and you don’t want, I’m willing to buy.

Look at eBay

1.2 was the Last offical Version. 1.5 are the Last Beta iirc.

No i does not do yab i develop in yab

Hi, the only version of Zeta I have is 1.5, which far as I know, is pretty common. CDs can be found on BetaArchive, and several Be file servers and shares. I can’t upload CD images, as that’d probably wouldn’t be good legally speaking (even though Be, Inc. is long gone, Access still has the rights to the source, iirc) – but I probably will share the VM images for historical/educational use once my review series is totally done. After all, images of Windows betas are out there, which are far more questionable than a Be image. And… obviously, if there does happen to be any real concern over me sharing historical VMs, then whoever has rights to the s/w could always send me a nice request telling me “please remove them” if they’re not exactly thrilled about it.

@lelldorin That’s what I meant, do you still develop in yab. And 40 Eur is way to pricey for a niche OS that only a few people collect. I would love to have it but not at that price. Thank you for that link though, I will keep an eye on it.

@apgreimann Well, I was responding to mimir and his google drive which has BeOS iso’s on it. Also I did point out I was and am willing to buy legit CD’s. Though not at outrageous prices.

Hopefully by next week my computer will be running with Haiku on it and I can test drive it for the first time in years.

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@lelldorin do you happen to know who that guy that is selling Zeta is? He has a compete collection Zeta from Neo - 1.21 for sale

No i doesn’t the handbook have a live CD included, but it is r1 and the book in german

Me too, but not for sale :wink:

You can find the Zeta 1.1 LiveCD at

I also have a complete (or near complete) collection of Zeta versions and the 2 games you are after, but they’re not for sale either, sorry.

I might have an extra CD of 1.21 though, I’ll check later…

@lelldorin his was 200 Eur for all :smiley:

@lorezan Thank you for the link. Thanks for checking, while I don’t mind iso’s while I have a job now, I would like to rebuild my collection of BeOS and Zeta CD’s and commercial software. Thank you so much.

I have a bunch of Zeta stuff, I think Neo to the last but one update (1.2?), but might have one of the RC versions too… I was getting the upgrades from Mensys for each release. Have a boxed version of Corum 3 too. I’ll look at what versions when I get some time. You might twist my arm as I have no hardware that any of it will run on anymore.

That elusive copy of Corum 3 that I’ve been after since before the shutdown of!
It’s nice to know you still have it :slight_smile: