BeOS R5 installation guide for VirtualBox

BeOS R5 installation guide for VirtualBox:


I ran BeOS on a computer with an ABit BP-6 motherboard and dual Celerons. Windows had a hard time with that board, but BeOS never had an issue with it.

That looks like a very interesting tutorial, especially from Adafruit. But they should have just tried out setting up a Haiku install in a VM instead, or some reference to Haiku as its successor to the reader.

I have BeOS running in VirtualBox using ReactOS as the host operating system. It was a fun experiment and not too hard to get going. Of course I do have a BeBox (rev6) and an old Pentium III PC running BeOS 5 as well.

Does the trojan horse takeover works on Reactos? I mean starting BeOS with the desktop shortcut from Reactos.

Yes, from what I remember. I haven’t booted in it in some months, though I had to use the required boot floppy disk.